Badri Begalishvili

In 1994 he graduated as an actor of theatre and film from the drama faculty of the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University.

He is an actor of Konstantine Gamsakhurdia Sokhumi State Drama Theatre and Vaso Abashidze Music and Drama State Theatre.

Performed Roles: Rostom – Lasha Bugadze, The Navigator, director: D. Sakvarelidze; Madame Fortsedes – Hanoch Levin, Yakish and Poupche, director: D. Sakvarelidze; Father Tariel – Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, Stealing the Moon, director: G. Kapanadze; Mitusha – For the sake of God, director: N. Gachava; Liar – We Need a Liar, director: N. Gachava; Anxious Vano – The Wedding of Kurka, director: B. Gamrekeli; King – Shoes of Babajana, director: B. Begalishvili; Worm – Boot-maker Gabo, director: G. Lortkipanidze; Fedka – Fiddler on the Roof, director: G. Lortkipanidze; German – Rosemary, director: G. Kartvelishvili; The Plague – City under siege, director: D. Doiashvili; Director – Marriage Deal, director: D. Doiashvili; Man – Sculpture or It’s Monday Today, directors: D. Doiashvili, G. Iashvili; Edward – Mary Poppins, directors: D. Doiashvili, G. Iashvili; Separatist – House on the Border, director: D. Doiashvili; Mikirtuma – Separation, director: D. Doiashvili; Lorenzo – Romeo and Juliet, director: D. Mgebrishvili; Macduff – Macbeth, director: D. Doiashvili; Monfler, The Poet, Carbon – Cyrano de Bergerac, director: D. Doiashvili; Priamos – The Dream of a (Mid) Summer Night, director: D. Doiashvili; Smith – B. Brecht, The Threepenny Opera, director: G. Tavadze; Invited Director – Shekra, director: D. Doiashvili; Gennaro – Naples, City of Millionaires, director: D. Sakvarelidze; Tartuffe – Tartuffe, director: G. Antadze (Theatre and Film Georgia State University); Murtalo – Kukaracha, director: A. Enukidze (Theatre and Film Georgia State University); Brother – Variations on a Patriotic Theme, director: D. Doiashvili (Liberty Theatre).

Awards: Best young actor of the season – 1995-1996.

Giorgi Gasviani