The Millionaires
Based on the Plays by Eduardo de Filippo

Director – David Sakvarelidze
Choreographer – Eka Archaia
Assistant Director – Leila Murghulia


Gennaro – Badri Begalishvili
Amadeo – Paata Vakhtangishvili
Maria – Veriko Kalandia
Pepe – David Beradze
Father -Besarion Karchava
Adelaide – Julieta Pakeliani
Assunta – Londa Katsia
Pepenela – Liana Mikashavidze
Teresa – Nino Shavgulidze
Margherita – Sanata Dzadzamia
Inspector – Nugzar Tserediani
Claudio – Edem Khvichia
Lucia – Lela Sharabidze
The Head Of Revenue Service – Iuka Vasadze
Unknown Sorrowful Woman – Izolda Bokuchava

About the production:

There are some people about which you think you know everything, but sometimes they tell such stories that you are amazed. What’s more, you know they are not lying! This is how I feel when I listen to my long-time friends’ stories from Sokhumi State Drama Theatre. Sometimes they are very tragic, sometimes they’re hilarious. I am particularly enthralled by listening to the stories that took place during World War II. These stories have no direct connection to military action. They are told without any excessive emotion, except humour. While listening to these stories, I shaped the idea for a new play. For me, the love and affection with which my friends recall the most difficult period of their lives remains indecipherable. Despite the greatest misery, they still recall this period warmly. Perhaps, in the theatre, we can find the solution to this human paradox. “We lived like millionaires!”, they say, with smiles on their faces. In the production, I used plays by Eduardo de Filippo. War is the same everywhere. Perhaps that is why the dramatic and comic situations depicted in the production are so familiar to the modern Georgian audience.

Premiered: 04/07/2015