The Jesus Case
Based on the novel The Jesus Case by Lasha Imedashvili

Director – David Sakvarelidze
Assistant Director – Sveta Gogokhia
Projection – David Gersamia

Sulkhani – Nika Tserediani
Rostom Valerianovich – Kakha Sharabidze

About the production:

A young investigator is ordered to look into the case of Jesus by his elderly chief (prosecutor). He is required to draw on The Bible while ignoring the religious and moral angle of the matter and determine which Roman and Jewish laws Jesus violated. Eventually, the investigation leads the young investigator to become religious, and the chief also gets a lot of insight in this respect. The characters’ initial ignorance in matters of religion was caused by the Soviet Union’s atheist ideology, which banned religious literature. The collapse of the regime led to a keen interest in religion (which was previously considered “forbidden fruit”) among the people. However, to this day the ignorance still predominates. Through comic situations, the play explores the problems created by the lack of religious education.

Duration: 90 min.