Sergo Chelidze

Director, actor

He was born on January 15, 1908, in Kutaisi. In 1926 he graduated from Tbilisi State Conservatory, Faculty of Drama.

In 1926 he started working as an actor at Shota Rustaveli National Theatre. In 1927 he worked at the Workers Theatre. In 1928 he moved to Kutaisi-Batumi State Theatre (later named after K. Marjanishvili), where he staged several independent productions. He attended lectures at the Moscow State Theatre Institute from 1923 until 1933; during that time he also worked in the Moscow Operetta Theatre as assistant-director to Kote Marjanishvili.

Between 1948 and 1954 he worked as the chief director of the Georgian troupe of the Sokhumi Samson Chanba State Theatre, contributing greatly to the formation of this collective.

Productions for Sokhumi State Drama Theatre include: 

From the Spark, by Shalva Dadiani; The Legend of Love, Nazım Hikmet.


1968 – People’s Artist of Georgia;

1943 – Honoured Art Worker of Georgia.