Gogi Dzodzuashvili

(AKA Gogi Ge.Org) – Born 1971, Tbilisi, Georgia – is a Georgian Electornic Musican. In the early 1990s he was a student of Georgian Medical University. Later, in 1994, he released a debut album, Clear & Cold, which was soon followed by his second album, Friends (1996). In 2000 he took part (with Nika Machardze) in the recording of Manana Medabde’s album SAMI. Also in 2000, he collaborated with the Georgian band Mjava Message.

In 2002, he became a member of the Georgian multimedia art collective Goslab, and started producing electronic music with Nika Machaidze, Natalie Beridze, Maya Sumbadze and others.

He has composed for a number of theatre productions: Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman; William Shakespeare, King Lear; Heiner Müller, Despoiled Shore/Medea Material/ Landscape with Argonauts.  He has also composed for films: Nika Machaidze, Fly Alone; George Mgeladze, Seven Days in Tibet; Alexander Jandieri, Time. In 2004, he started his the project Post Industrial Boys and released two albums (Post Industrial Boys & Trauma) on the Max Ernst record label.

He describes these records as: “Amusing, easy-listening melodies and lyrics, not too complex, not too tough, but there is something inside which is something like a modest sadness under the surface of the impossible lightness, and that is fair enough.