Your generosity helps Sokhumi State Drama Theatre produce the unique work we are known for!


Each year, Sokhumi State Drama Theater produces several new performances.
The process had preceded by long periods of work: rehearsals, analysis of literary texts, explorations of epochs, and more. It is a laborious, tiring, but most pleasant process for us.
We wish to share with you the most exciting part of our life!
Sokhumi Theater is already celebrating the 133rd season with a lot of theater lovers. Despite the tragic past, it still stands on the feet and rewards the audience for their love.
We want to develop more, create more memorable plays, and it’s impossible without your support. We cannot do this alone, so please support our theater.





We offer several forms of cooperation:

  • GEL68/ Per Year
    • Discounts on tickets 12%
    • Never miss news about upcoming performances
    • You will receive a theatre booklet with autographs
    • We will constantly provide you with information on creative processes
    • This status gives you the chance to attend 1 rehearsal;
    • Your name will appear on the official website of our theater;
    • This status gives you an opportunity to meet the creative team;
    • You’ll get a memorable branded souvenir;
  • GEL280/ Per Year
    • Discount on tickets 22%
    • You will receive a theatre booklet with autographs
    • An invitation to a special event each year
    • Acknowledgment on website – we’ll place your company logo on the theater website
    • Never miss interesting news about upcoming events.
    • We will constantly provide you with information on creative processes.
    • Gives you the opportunity to attend 2 rehearsals
    • Opportunity to meet the creative team of the performance
  • GEL2700/ Per Year
  • We produce some of the most adventurous and exciting theatre in Georgia, offering unique partnership opportunities for your company. Partner with us on the projects that you are most passionate about with bespoke packages tailored to you.

  • $🙂/ Per Year
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